Woman 2020: Sharene / by Jenn Heflin

It has been a crazy year for women. Historically, though, we know every year is crazy for women. If ever things are going to change, now seems like the moment. WOMAN 2020 is a snapshot of women during this time of upheaval. We are building careers, raising children, living our lives, and trying to impact the world in positive ways, and I believe all women have much to say. This is Sharene’s Q&A.

What is your name, occupation, and role (or roles) you most identify with? 

Sharene, Executive Assistant

What is the most positive thing about being a woman in 2018?
The most positive thing about being a woman in 2018 is the overflowing amount of public support and awareness for women.

What is the hardest thing about being a woman in 2018?
The fact that people are still surprised when women speak up to men.

How do you maintain your resiliency in these times?
I maintain my resiliency in tough times by being assured that everything will work itself out in the end, as it always has. Additionally, having empathy and perspective, of not only my situation, but other people's stories. There are a lot of 'worse things out there' that I try to remind myself of that keep me humble and keep things in perspective.

Why do you think past movements haven't moved the needle for women? Or have they? 
I believe they have; Rome wasn't built in a day. Our current movement has proven to be impactful because of the small events in our history that have helped build the foundation for us to stand on today.

What needs to happen for us to move forward?
We, as a society, need to be more aware - of each other. We need to support upward and laterally and mentor those younger than us. We need to be more empathetic and patient with one another. We need to listen to each other. I believe that's what's been so key to this movement creating visible change, is that we're hearing each other fully and empathizing - and then taking action and doing. Thank you social media!

What can women do to make it better for other women? 
Continue to be supportive and understand that we stand together - no matter our ethnic, cultural or spiritual background. I'm huge into sports, and the one thing that pains me the most is when a team makes a mistake and they turn on each other; the team implodes. We, as women - as humans, have to stand together.

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