Woman 2020: Peta / by Jenn Heflin

It has been a crazy year for women. Historically, though, we know every year is crazy for women. If ever things are going to change, now seems like the moment. WOMAN 2020 is a snapshot of women during this time of upheaval. We are building careers, raising children, living our lives, and trying to impact the world in positive ways, and I believe all women have much to say. This is Peta’s Q&A.

What's the most positive thing about being a woman in 2018?

Knowing my power and the strength of my voice.

What's the weirdest/hardest thing about being a woman in 2018?
Having to remind myself on the daily that the act of self-love is a form of righteous rebellion.

How do you maintain your resiliency in tough times?
Knowing that if i don't then who will?

Why do you think past movements haven't moved the needle for women? Or have they? I personally have felt a shift of perspective with the conscious movement of being aware of white-privilege. Its more than moving forward with the idea of women's rights but also toward the idea of reaching out to women who have been marginalized into a realm of inaccessibility.

Will this movement be the movement to change things for future generations of women? 
Let it be so. 

What do you feel needs to happen to make sure forward movement is possible? 
Lifting ALL women by pausing to see that NO ONE is left behind in your wake.

What can women do to make it better for other women? 
Know that the success of others isn't a direct threat to your ability to thrive. 

What can men do to make it better for women? 
Listen. Follow the lead of women and be the leading force for other men. 

Visit the WOMAN 2020 webpage to tell your story and to stay in touch about the exhibition opening in the Spring of 2020.