Woman 2020: Mei-Ling / by Jenn Heflin


It has been a crazy year for women. Historically, though, we know every year is crazy for women. If ever things are going to change, now seems like the moment. WOMAN 2020 is a snapshot of women during this time of upheaval. We are building careers, raising children, living our lives, and trying to impact the world in positive ways, and I believe all women have much to say. This is Mei-Ling’s Q&A.

What is your name, occupation, and role (or roles) you most identify with? 
Mei-Ling, Social Media Manager, Wife, Mother of (soon-to-be) two boys.

How do you maintain your resiliency in these times? 
Maintain a strong support system and accept help when needed, try to focus on self-care, keep working towards the goal.

Do you think the current movement will be the one to change things for future generations? 
Yes, despite everything that has happened, women are rising. Women are raising their voices and fighting for issues that matter most, from sexual harassment to reproductive rights to paid leave. And the prevalence of social media has become super effective is mobilizing the younger generation.

What can men do to make it better for women? 
Treat women as equals and with respect at ALL times. Speak up, be a part of the change our culture needs.

Visit the WOMAN 2020 webpage to tell your story and to stay in touch about the exhibition opening in Spring of 2020.