Woman 2020: Katja / by Jenn Heflin

It has been a crazy year for women. Historically, though, we know every year is crazy for women. If ever things are going to change, now seems like the moment. WOMAN 2020 is a snapshot of women during this time of upheaval. We are building careers, raising children, living our lives, and trying to impact the world in positive ways, and I believe all women have much to say. This is Katja’s Q&A.

What is your name, occupation, and role (or roles) you most identify with? 
Katja, Opera Singer, Mama,

What is the hardest thing about being a woman in 2018?
That woman are still not equal to men and struggle for acknowledgment in todays society, even though woman balance, multitask and juggle in their professional lives as well as their personal lives to achieve success throughout. Woman are as qualified as men if not more so.

How do you maintain your resiliency in these times? 
Through positivity, my family and friends.

Why do you think past movements haven't moved the needle for women? Or have they? 
Past movements have achieved a lot for women in western society, but It has still not moved the needle to achieve complete equality in society. In order to achieve change the dialogue and fight for equality needs to continue. As the dialog continues I am remaining hopeful that equality in society will eventually hold place in future generations and truly transform what it means to be a woman.

Do you think the current movement will be the one to change things for future generations?
I believe it is a continuation and valuable movement of many others that need to take place. The justice system needs to make further changes. Todays U.S administration is trying anything to undermine woman's rights. We need to make sure that we don't loose rights generation before us have gained for woman today.

What needs to happen for us to move forward?
Education for women must be strengthened globally (should be a human equal right in any society). The justice system needs to continue to make changes to woman rights. Companies must be held accountable to provide equal pay and opportunity to woman. Discrimination and sexual offenses must be prosecuted. We must teach and educate our children respect, and gender equality.

What can women do to make it better for other women? 
We need to support and stand behind each other. Make sure that our voices are continually heard and not forgotten. We need to stand together.

What can men to do to make it better for women? 
Support and respect woman at work and at home. Treat woman equally. Raise their kids to do the same and make sure to provide equal educations to their offspring.

What else?
I am by far only touching the surface of the issue of equality for woman in society.

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